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The ventilation company OU HappyTrade - is the company, which specializes in the installation, insulation and maintenance of ventilation systems in buildings and in ships.

We have the skills to work with ventilation, cooling and heating systems with different kind of modifications and complexity. Our professionals have 10 years of experience in that field, have the ability to read construction drawings and speak Russian,

Estonian and English languages.

We perform works on objects of varying complexity, from private homes to large factories and huge cruise ships, in Estonia and in the Scandinavian countries.

Please contact us, if :

Your company won the tender for construction of ventilation works at the facility, but You do not have enough of employees.

You are not satisfied with thi quality and speed of your partners.

You suggested that Your company will not perform the object at the appointed time

OU HappyTrade provides a two-year warranty on the works we performed.


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